Ep. 5: Welcome Back

  We’re back! (A Dinosaur’s Tale) After a month and a half’s hiatus, we are happy to bring you a fresh episode of the podcast. Now, it’s not a full episode; mostly it’s just Brian and Christian recapping everything they’ve done in the absence. But be sure to listen to find out what sort of … Continue reading

Ep. 4: Chaos

Brian and Christian are back with “Chaos,” the fourth episode of the Verbal Hearables Podcast. This time around, the guys take a look into religion, media, and much more, featuring a weird and kind of insane experiment in multimedia overload. Don’t forget to find The Verbal Hearables on Facebook and drop them a line! Download … Continue reading

Ep. 3: Dirty

WARNING: This episode contains some language and themes that might not be appropriate for all ages. On Episode 3 of the Verbal Hearables Podcast, Brian and Christian explore the word “Dirty.” Brian explores the adult entertainment of the Mankato area, while Christian introduces us to some of the colorful language at a local comedy show. … Continue reading

Now Available on iTunes!

You can now subscribe to The Verbal Hearables Podcast on iTunes! It’s free, and by subscribing you can get a fresh cut of our ‘cast every Thursday when it’s posted automatically through the iTunes store! Check it out: The Verbal Hearables Podcast

Ep. 2 – “Highbrow/Lowbrow”

The MSU Reporter presents the second episode of The Verbal Hearables Podcast, starring Brian Rosemeyer and Christian Hagen. This week, Brian and Christian tackle the words “highbrow” and “lowbrow” and come up with surprisingly similar topics, leading to a very thoughtful discussion of the music industry. The latest episode is online now!

Ep. 1: “Rich”

Brian Rosemeyer and Christian Hagen introduce the first episode of their new podcast (the name of which they pull from a hat while they’re recording). Each week, the pair will present audible essays blending news and editorial content based on their interpretations of a one-or-two-word topic (which they also draw out of a hat). Episode … Continue reading